Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Lineage 2

Recently my friends have gotten me addicted to an MMORPG called Lineage 2. It's one of those monster mashing games with pretty nice graphics and such. It uses the UT2K4(Unreal Tournament 2004) graphics engine. You basically have Middle Earthish character classes, fighter or mage, and you do quests, get items, make friends, etc...

And no I'm not paying for it...yet ::twitch::

But it costs $15/month and my friend Alexei has an account on which I have my character stored. So yes I'm mooching as usual. It also keeps me from overdoing it on the play time. But hey, I'm going to grad school soon so I won't have any money at all in any case.

My character is called AngelGuardian and he's a mage elf. I enjoy joining monster hunting parties to act as the healer. Anyway, happy gaming!

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