Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How To Fit Two Car-Loads Into One Car

Since I'm moving to Illinois in less than a month, I'm thinking about how I can move my belongings. On June 30th I made a decision to get rid of all my furniture and move back to Columbia to my friend's house. I have accomplished this feat, and happily I'm now able to move all my stuff in about an hour. I know this because I moved again on July 15th. But this still takes up about two car loads. I'm very good at throwing things away(that is, I'm an anti-pack rat). But still it's difficult to reduce everything you own to fit into a little 1997 Toyota Corolla.

One thing I can do is to not use any sort of container for my clothes. Since clothes are rather amorphous, they are very efficient to put right on top of things. Of course I have a very large duffel bag and a hamper to take so I'll fill those as much as I can. But I imagine I can also leave some of my clothes such as suits which I tend not to wear. I can leave my collection of Nolan Ryan cards/memorabelia(takes up a whole box). I can probably get rid of some junk. You may not realize it, but if you have never moved for real, you might think I have a lot of stuff. But if you've never moved, you could probably fill about 8 cars with your stuff(talking to younger people here). When I moved out of my house, I filled 9 trashbags with clothes I didn't want anymore! You can multiply this by 2 if you're a female. :-P

Also, here's a picture of a kitty.

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