Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rachel's Art

Rachel sent me some way cool pics of her latest art project!

Let me show you guys:


 So this piece is a pair of shows into which Rachel etched the words "I can't even look at that!", echoing the words of her least-favorite teacher in her art department during her most recent review. She then stamped the shoes with black paint all over her studio and a little bit outside her studio.  Supposedly it left one of her teachers speechless ^_^  It expresses her frustration at the callous and inconsiderate expressions some of her teachers have made to her while doing a critique of her art.  

I really like this piece, and I hope you do too :-)


Anonymous said...

Intereting! Was the speechless reaction of one of her teachers also a critique? I am an art student in France and my least favorite critic is now my most important teacher.

Andrew said...

I think the reaction was sort of an uneasiness with the subject matter, perhaps.

Rachel has some major issues with some teachers in her department and it causes her an inordinate amount of stress and anxiety. So now she's decided to sort of express that through her art.

Anonymous said...

I understand. Something that helped me accept my teachers critique was that I learned to consider critique objectively. I once felt insult to a teacher critique, then she asked if I was the student? I said of course and then I understood I could either learn from her voice or think she just bitchy. always my choice.

Rachel said...

I appreciate the comment about your least fav critique is your best teacher now. I find this to be true some of the time, but not most of the time. I try to consider critiques objectively...the problem is that much of the time, I sense they are not objective, but in fact, teachers react so gut response before actually making an effort to understand the motivation of the artist (me) and do a bit of research themselves. But it is true, you can always learn from a crappy situation. So I try to keep positivity in my forefront. Thanks for your reply.

Anonymous said...

So now your room is an expression of your anger. Is it is a compliment if a work of art illicits a response of "I can't even look at that!" ? My teacher says an artist who creates art in search of a compliment has not found the art within them.