Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've been watching a nice Japanese cartoon series called Gilgamesh. It's about some kids who were born with a paranormal power(highly flexible telekinesis, telepathy) and a catastrophe that happened in which the whole lower atmosphere was covered with a mirror-like magnetic field, so no one could see the blue sky. The magnetic field also has the effect of disrupting all electronics equipment, so none can be used, and a sort of steam punk effect is brought out in a creative way. The catastrophe, called Twin X, named for the date it occurred, 10/10, is linked to the finding of the tomb of Gilgamesh and the source of the great catastrophe, which is also somehow linked to the children's power.

In my opinion the plot is well put together. It has a gothic feel to the animation and action flow. The characters are all developed well and with some complexity. There is a fascination with pianos in this series, as a sort of comfort zone for various characters. It's interesting. Also, issues of scientific ethics such as cloning and other DNA modification are explored.

I only have 3 episodes left to go, so I hope it ends well!

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