Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Worst Side Of A Man

Two things bring out the worst in a man. 
Inordinate power. Inordinate desperation

More than 100 Iraqis per day die in their streets.

Genocide occurs in Sudan.

The mob-like Russian and Eastern bloc governments assassinate dissenters.

These people in the world do what they wish not to do. Peace is far from the mind and conflict suffocates.

What power is held must be used, and weakness never shown or yielded... except through display of many dead bodies, or your own. The alternative is mutiny by those wolves that surround you, circling, drueling with dreams of your demise.

With no choice in the matter of survival, action must be taken. Become a thief, join a militia, prostitute yourself. Sell your body to the highest bidder, or disappear into the shadows. Your other choice is slavery, or death...probably both.

Religion is the excuse.

Religion is the solution.

Let's figure it out...

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Anonymous said...

The worst side of a man, i.e., aggression, desperation, fear, etc. arises from a deeply embedded delusion of separateness. We are "Conditioned" from birth, to perpetuate a delusion that erroneously seeks to immortalize the mortal self, to make the intrinsically impermanent permanent. Reconciliation always occurs when the self is forgotten.