Sunday, October 09, 2005

Rachel and PuzzleCrack!

This past weekend Rachel my girl visited for the weekend and we had a great time spending time together. She got to spend some time with my roommates. We went to a couple parks and watched Wings of Desire, a German film about guardian angels. Quite good.

This past week(Monday through Friday), my roommate JT and I participated in a puzzle competition based at the University of Illinois campus.

It was quite fun but very tiring and I get burned out at the end after I finished solving a very hard cryptographic cipher.

We finished the last puzzle 4th, which got us some free pizza, but really that was just because the organizers had extra pizza they wouldn't be able to finish. Yes, we met the people who made the puzzles, and got to talk with them a bit. You see, the last puzzle required us to go to the computer science building and find them, in order to get the final clue from them.

But we spent a very long time on those puzzles all week, and now we must get back to work :-)

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