Monday, September 26, 2005

Other interesting things I've done

Let's see...

Saturdays have been interesting. The Saturday before last I was a scorer for a mud volleyball tournament for an all-girls' dorm. An RA I know in Navs invited JT and I to volunteer, and we were much obliged ;-) There was even a good amount of mud wrestling :-P

This past Saturday I went with some Navs to do "hawking" at the football game. This consists of selling concessions in the stands like at any major sporting event, except that this is non-profit(except for tips ^_^). A portion of the proceeds of whatever we sell go to the Navigators, so it's good work, free admission to the game(UofI lost 61-7) and we make some money for our group. Navs also sponsored free dinner for everyone who went hawking. Twas funness.


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