Saturday, July 16, 2005

New York Trip

Went to NYC with Rachel and Matt and Si(Matt's friend) today. Unfortunately we didn't get to see a Shakespeare play, but oh well. We went to the Natural History Museum. Saw the dinosaurs :-) We went through Central Park and enjoyed that.

We spent a lot of time in the Metropolitan Art Museum as it's one quite excellent museum to visit, and Rachel had never been there before. We saw a movie showing in an auditorium at the museum called Mrs. Brown, which is about Queen Victoria and her personal and trusted servant John Brown who was highly disliked by most of the gentry. But he was an example of a good friend to the queen. Rachel and I loved most the modern art section where we saw some Matisse and Pollack and Close, among many others.

Afterwards we made our way down to Chinatown where my two faithful Chinese companions found us a good Chinese restaurant where we ate sweet and sour vegetable soup, jellyfish, orange chicken, fried rice, asparagus, and sesame chicken to go. Then we came home, filled with hurting feet and good memories.

I was dismayed that I actually know where I'm going now in NYC, as I don't think I should have such familiarity with that city for some reason...probably it's because I realize that if I hadn't gone on the thorough(and over-tiring!) walking self-tour of NYC with my Korean roommate a few months ago, I wouldn't have ever taken such a trip myself, and therefore wouldn't be so thoroughly versed in walking city blocks and knowing how to traverse uptown and how to get a good view of the Statue of Liberty without paying anything. Oh well, no regrets ^_^

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