Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Tonight Matt and I went to Fatburger which is a burger joint from CA. I had been craving a Fatburger for a long time ever since I had one at ASU with Toschi last year. So Matt and I took a drive 25 miles northwest to the town of Rockaway. It was a pretty good town with somewhat historic-looking houses but a generally good atmosphere(as much as you could feel one at 10PM.

So why is Fatburger different from other fast food places? Well, the burgers take longer to cook, so I guess it's not quite as fast as fast can be. Secondly they serve your food to you and the servers are always looking to do things for you, like get you more ketchup for your skinny fries. Yes, skinny fries, as opposed to fat fries, which they also have. Matt and I both got a double Fatburger with cheese and pickle, along with skinny fries and a medium(32 oz.) drink. At less than $20 for the whole thing, it's more expensive than a fast food restaurant, but less so than a more conventional restaurant. Fatburger also claims to use really lean beef which is different, and I appreciate that. Supposedly the 'fat' in their name refers to the size of the burger itself and not how you'll look after eating one of their tasty burgers. They also have many signs all around the restaurant making jokes deriding two main groups: conventional fast food restaurants and vegetarians.

Anyway, it's a fun place and I recommend it to anyone who likes burgers but wants better quality :-)

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John Lopis said...


Thank you for the review. just so you know.....the burgers that you ate at Fatburger were, in fact, 100% USDA approved ground beef and were only about 18.5%fat. Well above industry standards. Nothing in the restaurant is ever frozen except the ice cream and fries.

To clarify one thing.....the "Fat" in Fatburger comes from the 50's when the first Fatburger opened in LA. Back the "Fat" meant good or the best. If you were a fatcat it implied you were doing well or fatcity, you were loaded....so they called the best burger in LA the Fatburger.

Thanks again. Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you in again.

John.....licensed franchisee for NJ and eastern PA.