Monday, June 14, 2004

Saturn's Phoebe and Bubba Ho-tep

The Cassini-Huyygens space probe is currently circling Saturn and has shot some great pictures of Saturn's moon Phoebe. I also recommend going through the little presentation on Saturn.

Over the weekend I saw an odd but very good movie called Bubba Ho-tep. If you ever wanted to see a movie about what Elvis Presley(played by Bruce Campbell) would be up to right now were he alive, this is it. Stuck in a nursing home with a bad hip, we hear an elderly Elvis' introspective thoughts on his own life and we learn how he ended up where he is, with everyone thinking he's dead. Teamed up with a black JFK(also a resident of the nursing home), they go after Bubba Hotep, a not-so-famous escaped Egyptian mummy who is by night feeding on the souls of the residents of the nursing home. It's a lot of parody and silliness but underlying it all is a depth of character brought alive in Elvis' character and his wish at self-redemption for the wasted latter part of his life. We also encounter a vulgar cynicism which we might expect from a man who has lived as Elvis did before having it all swept away into a shell of an existence. If you're up for an eccentric and silly comedy that is successful in what it sets out to do, you'll enjoy Bubba Ho-tep.

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