Friday, June 25, 2004

Concert and The Terminal

So last night I went to the Denison Marrs concert. I drove for 3 hours and 15 minutes to get to Lakeland, FL, which is the hometown of Denison Marrs. They played at this simply gigantic Assembly of God church. I got there a bit early so I hung out a bit and got myself oriented. I met a few people at the church. There was a decent female-led group that opened the concert called LONA. Your standard CCM-styled band.

Denison Marrs was great. They played just how I thought they would. Their drummer was so intense and they all loved what they were playing. They played a few new songs, a couple off Then Is The New Now, one each from the other two albums. Their "Ultraviolet" is simply amazing in concert. If you don't have this song on your computer you should ask me for it. It's probably their best song.

I saw The Terminal today. It was one of those "cute" movies. At least that's what ran through my mind when I saw it. Tom Hanks does an excellent job pulling off a Bulgarian-ish accent. The most interesting concept of the movie is the idea of being a citizen of nowhere. As the movie puts it, Viktor Navorski is quite simply "unacceptable". He cannot go home to Krakhozia(made up country, probably taken from the city Krakow) and he cannot enter US soil. He's in a sort of limbo. So he is forced into the world of the airport employees, who are still transients at the airport, even though they are regular. I also thought his romance with a..err.."loose" flight attendant was done well and we saw probably the best outcome for it. So, go see it if you want a good clean movie with a solid hero and a good(read: not cheesy) ending.

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