Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Washington DC, Our Lovely Capital

For the past two nights, I have been trying to go see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. So I've invited friends to go, but somehow they can only see late showings. Now, the only seemingly reasonable theater around that had a late showing of this movie was one in Georgetown. So we have attempted to find this theater twice, and have failed both times, quite miserably.

The first night, I went with my friend Danny, who I worked on some research a lot during my last year of school. I decided we should try to avoid the online directions since the last road mentioned was Route 29 South. So I thought if we just caught 29 at the beltway and took it south we'd hit the theater. But it was much harder than it seemed. We ended up circling around many times and staying around Georgia Avenue.

This past night, I tried to go with my friend Rachel and I decided that I shouldn't be devising my own ways to get to this place so we attempted to follow the online directions. BAD MOVE ALSO. We end up even more lost than on the first night, and we never see a theater. Finally I find Connecticut Avenue going in the right direction, and head back to the beltway.

Let me just say that DC roads suck. I say this with all my soul. I can't stand them! They're horribly maintained, have incredibly dangerous intersections, and are more confusing than any city I've been to. Even the online mapper can't keep them straight evidently. Anyway, that's my rant, and now I'll take the metro instead...

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