Sunday, March 28, 2004


So I got rejected by Stanford too. But that's alright. Only two schools left to hear from. I think I at least made it past their first cut, though.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind is a GREAT movie. Everyone should see it. Jim Carrey portrays a character which is basically the opposite of his usual comic character. Very introverted and bookish and quiet. The whole movie is very engaging and moving. The complexity of it keeps you thinking hard about what's actually going on, and the plot twists are exciting. And I'm glad to say there's no nudity really, despite sexually provocative scenes. I usually like to read Roger Ebert's reviews for movies:

I wrote a little poem. The first part is actually a traditional Chinese poem. Hope you enjoy it. Just read it slowly and use your imagination on each line.

The old pond:
A frog leaps in.
The sound of water.

The frog.
Keep perspective.
The ripples of the w_a__t___e____r.

Here's where I originally posted it:

Check out this young lady's live journal if you care to. She's seriously one of the coolest people in Omaha, NE :-P

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