Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Last Exile

I was loaned a copy of an anime series called Last Exile by my crazy friend Alex Chen. It was pretty good. The animation is high quality, and the plot is rich. The story begins following a boy named Claus and a girl named Ravey, about 14 or 15 I would suppose. Their parents are not around, and so they support themselves by running a courier service. Their method of transportation is a vanship. The vanships are small two-man flyers without wings.

These characters become entangled in a struggle for control of the world between the elitist Guild which lives in the air and the kingdoms of Anatoure and Deusis which live on the Earth and are essentially dependent on some of the technology of the Guild. Our protagonists find themselves delivering "cargo" to a rogue battle ship, the Sylvana, and fall into the service of it.

They have many adventures and fight not only for the world, but for eachother's love.

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