Monday, January 19, 2004

Job Hunting

Here's what I don't like about looking for a job. I think you'll all agree with me on these points.

Looking for a job, and I don't mean a McDonald's job, is all about acting like you're the best at whatever the employer is looking for. So, when I'm at an interview, I've got to tell him about how great I am. And OK, I've got a pretty high opinion of myself in general, but the way interviews go is over the top! I don't like spewing out all my "accomplishments" to some stranger so that just maybe I'll get considered for a second interview. It just doesn't seem worth it to me. I think the issue is that I know the interviewer doesn't particularly care about me as a person on the whole. He's going to interview all these other people. He's going to sit there and act toward all of them just like he's acting toward me.

I also hate applications. Anything I can't do in 15 minutes is too long for me. And some of those applications are HUGE! I prefer just sending my resume and cover letter and that's it. That's much more efficient.

And the waiting! I think we can all agree that this is the worst part of job hunting. We all want the decision to come the next day. But instead, you've got to wait a week or more. And I think more than half the time, I don't even get a response! So it's just left up in the air and you feel worse than if you got a rejection letter.

I've never gotten a job through an application-interview process. All my jobs have been through connections I've had. I've applied to two places in DC that my friends have worked at, and they've recommended me to their supervisors. So that's my best chance. ::cross fingers::

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