Saturday, February 24, 2007

Drew's Wedding

A week ago I served as my friend Drew Foerster's best man at his wedding in DC. Drew is the friend I've known the longest, since about 3rd grade.  Our birthdays are 4 days apart.
We never went to the same school, though we both participated in day camps during the summer through the rec & parks system in Howard County, MD.  In high school, Drew got me interested in Linguistics, in which I'm pursuing a PhD currently.  Drew is excellent with languages, having profficiencies in Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, and soon Armenian ;-)  Currently, Drew serves in the Air Force teaching Mandarin to airmen in Nebraska.

He is a very good friend to me and he will also be my best man in my 
wedding as well, which is going to be on July 28th in Florida ^_^
Drew married an Armenian girl named Yeva who is very cute and sweet.  She is a piano student at Fresno State University, although I believe she has transferred to a university in Nebraska.

I have a couple pics from the ceremony for your gawkment.  The first is me walking with Drew's younger sister Ellen.  The second is Drew walking with his wife Yeva.  And yes, Drew's family has a height advantage on most of the world.

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