Thursday, April 20, 2006

Switchfoot, Spring, Strawberry Mocha

On Tuesday night I saw Switchfoot in concert at Foellinger Auditorium, which is right in the middle of campus. I've listened to this band since 1999, but I hadn't seen them in concert yet. It was a very fun concert. A particularly memorable moment was when an audience member proclaimed his request for a song, "Only Hope". John, the lead singer, brought him and his friend on stage. He proceeded to play the song while one of the stage techs gave them a haircut! A song for a haircut. Fair trade, eh? I was very close to the stage with Ben, and we really got into the music. They are good performers and they had an amazing set, with lots of LED panels and lights set up.

Spring is the most amazing season. It makes everything come alive, including my mood. Illinois gets so much brighter during the warm weather. I took a walk around the arboretum on Sunday, talking to my good friend Drew, feeling tree trunks and digging my fingers into the ground.

I just bought a strawberry mocha at Espresso Royale because it's half price today, and I haven't had one before. But the coffee taste is there, which I don't like, and I don't think I can finish it. Does anyone want it?

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