Friday, March 31, 2006

Google, V for Vendetta

So, last week I had a phone interview with Google for a summer internship position. Turns out I didn't get the position, but they seemed to like me even so. I've never gotten a job straight from an interview before, so it didn't surprise me very much. I always have gotten my jobs through contacts, and without having to compete for the position. I was really hoping to get this job, but I will accept this outcome as God's direction for my summer.

V for Vendetta is a movie I saw on Saturday with my roommate JT. I can describe the plot as a mix between Phantom of the Opera, 1984, and Zorro. The story follows a hero named V, who follows in the legacy of the famous Catholic legendary rebel who tried to blow up the parliament building in the 17th century. Being made by the same guys who made The Matrix, you expect a good deal from the movie. They deliver a great film with top-notch acting from Natalie Portman(in my opinion the most attractive actress in Hollywood) and Hugo Weaving as V.

An interesting aspect to me was that we never see V's face. His whole body was burned in a fire, so he would not want to take off his mask anyway. But in most movies with a masked hero you see his face at some point, even if it is hideous. I think the reason for this is they wanted to present V symbolically as an idea, rather than as a person, although his character is developed pretty well and he's very entertaining. In particular I liked his monologue near the beginning of the movie in which every other word he utters begins with V. Very clever :-)

The leftist rhetoric is over the top, and with some scrutiny does not hold water. But to me, Hollywood is what it is and one should take a lot of the messages from these films with a grain of salt. Still, there is some good expressed through the movie.

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