Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Problems with Sony

This Wired article is about Sony and their invasive copy protection software that is on 20 of their new CD releases. Being aware of information rights is important, and putting your trust in anything a technology company gives you is not a good idea(even if it is Sony). Another important point this should make one aware of is to always know everything that is installed on your computer.

I first saw this issue discussed on Slashdot, and of course most people were disgusted at Sony's actions, which pretty much amount to installing the worst kind of spyware on a person's computer. It will comprimise your computer's security in a way hackers could take advantage of, besides it being an invasion of privacy. As the article suggests, I would also recommend not buying Sony music until they change their stance on this issue and remedy the damage already done.

I think Sony makes excellent ultra-lightweight notebook computers. Feel free to buy those. They are probably not the people involved in the music end of the company, except at the very highest levels.

What the heck, Sony? Get your act together and stop being evil!

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