Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Doctor's Appointment

Well, I just got back from another good karate workout :-) got practice on my kicks and punches and breathing and moving. The teacher today didn't even wear a uniform, which I thought was interesting.

I went to see a specialist this morning for my chronic back problems. I had to wait more than a half hour before he could see me. He did an exam on my body for reflex and flexibility and such, but he said in the end that I have one of those hard cases that isn't serious but is really hard to diagnose.

So he told me about a few treatments such as taking ibuprofin every day, or going to physical therapy, or having anesthetics and steroids injected into the "trigger points" where my problems are centered. I dunno if I'll want to do any of those. If I had money I'd start going to a chiropractor again, but alas, I am poor. But at least I have health insurance to take care of me for a lot of things :-)

"Meow? Meow-meow? PUUUURRRRR!!!!! PUURRRR!!!!!"

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