Saturday, October 16, 2004

Grad School Funding!

I recently got confirmation that I'm being offered a research assistantship at University of Illinois. It's a project being headed by Professor Richard Sproat in my Department of Linguistics. The project I'll be working on is to automate the task of locating "named entities", i.e. things like proper nouns, within text of different languages. Should be interesting.

I must take no credit for getting this position. It was all God's fault :-P I came to Illinois not knowing exactly how I'd be funded and was fully prepared to have to take out loans. The head of the department said they had no more funding. But I trusted that God would provide for me. Soooo, there just happened to be this position that opened up which my last job qualified me for. How neat ;-)

Here's a picture of me that I took today!

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