Friday, September 17, 2004

Beautiful Days

In Illinois there are many beautiful days, at least in the summer. There generally aren't storm systems that give you a week of no sun and drizzly rain like in MD. There's lots of sun like today. We had a great game of ultimate frisbee at 4 today on the South Quad.

I've also started going to the Shotokan Karate class at the university(Monday and Wednesday nights at 7PM). The first class was a nice workout with familiar exercizes that I love. There will be difficulties with small differences in technique formation, but it's more important for me to just have people to train with.

My classes have very much reading and I'm not used to it yet. Still getting back into school mode, but I am rather distracted for significant reasons :-P Generally I'm getting my work done, though.

Oh, by the way, don't ever get Z-Tel phone service. I used them for four months when I was living in Hyattsville and even though I cancelled they're still sending a bill. Pretty crappy. I've moved three times since I cancelled with them. I hope this gets into some Google searches for people researching this company!

On a brighter note, Navs here is great! But, I still need to get in a Bible Study so I don't slack off too much in my devotions.

Also, there's Smoothie King here :-D And I went there last night with my roommate. He'd never had a smoothie before so it was a genuine experience for him.

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