Thursday, February 19, 2004

Got a place to live!

Hey all, I just want to let you know about the place I'll be moving to. I'm renting a room in a house from an Indian couple. They're Christian, and so is the tenant who lives there with them. So I'm really happy about that. The room is big enough to fit all my stuff and has two closets.

I'll get a cable connection and pretty much free reign in the house. It's pretty much like how I've been living for the last year and a half, except it'll cost a lot more. I've really been spoiled up till now, in any case. Anyway, I think I'll enjoy living there.

But I HATE making decisions like that! I somehow have a complex where I don't feel confident in myself to make certain decisions. I can buy a computer just fine, but a place to live I just have no expertise in. I brought my friend Chris along to back me up in looking at the house. He did a very good job for me. My friend Sasha went with me to the last place I looked, and he is absolutely ruthless about being critical of a place. I think I end up being more concerned about the people I'll be living with rather than the actual place. But I tried my best and Chris helped me out.

But I'm still nervous as hell to see what Sasha has to say about the place! I guess I just really need to have other people's approval about this sort of thing. I am naturally a follower. It is actually one of my strengths that I can do what someone says reliably. So hopefully this place will work out well.

Look for the fourth chapter of the story next week.

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